Introducing Flood Agent

Flood Agent is a cross-platform agent for running Flood load generators on your own infrastructure, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

By running your own Flood Agents, you can leverage existing infrastructure and load generator tuning expertise while at the same time benefitting from Flood's data collection pipeline, and the familiar Flood UI and Analytics platform.

Flood Agent:

  • Is a single binary which runs on right on your Linux, Windows or Mac machines.

  • Runs equally well on your own laptop for exploration or in your organization's datacenter for full scale load testing.

  • Integrates with existing JMeter, Gatling or Flood Element installations, or

  • Optionally supports Flood's own fine-tuned load generator docker images.


  • A machine running Linux, Windows 10 or MacOS

  • Network connection to the flood endpoints (see Networking)

  • A Flood account - you can sign up for a free trial

  • Either an installation of one of the supported tools (JMeter, Gatling), or Docker to use one of Flood's load generator images.

Get started

To get start running load tests with Flood Agent, follow the guide for your operating system

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