Configuring JMeter

Setting up and using JMeter with Flood Agent


All in one bundle

The simplest way to run JMeter is to use our all in one bundle.

Flood JMeter Plugin

If you already have JMeter installed, you only need to add the Flood JMeter Plugin to start testing with Flood

  • download the latest Flood JMeter jar: flood-jmeter-5.1.1.jar.

  • copy flood-jmeter-5.1.1.jar to the JMeter extensions directory (i.e. $JMETER_HOME/lib/ext)

Agent Configuration

The minimal configuration is:

    jmeter_home: /path/to/jmeter

If required, you can add custom JMeter and JVM parameters:

    jmeter_home: ~/tmp/jmeter
    jvm_args: |
    jmeter_params: |

Using Docker (linux & macOS only)

For JMeter (and all supported tools) - there is the option to use our actual Flood Docker image if you do not wish to setup a local native tool binary install. Simply use the following properties in your config.yaml to let Flood know that you wish to use Flood's docker container for the respective load test tool instead of your own.

   flood-element: true 
   gatling: true 
   jmeter: true

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