Getting Started on Windows

Follow these steps to start using Flood Agent on Windows

Download and Install

The guide shows you how to run ad-hoc instances, suitable for exploration & prototyping floods. For production-scale installations see Running with NSSM (Windows).


Grab the latest binary from the Flood Agent Releases page. We recommend downloading the agent into its own directory.

Download: flood-agent v1.0 64bit for Windows

For the guide, let's assume you've chosen to use c:\flood-agent:

In the guide we refer toflood-agent.exe but when you download it the file name will look like flood-agent-v1.0-windows-64bit.exe.

The actual name of the binary doesn't matter, so please either rename the binary to flood-agent.exe or substitute the filename given in the examples.

In the console, to run a binary from the current directory, don't forget the .\

For example, to run Flood Agent it would be.\flood-agent.exe

Preparing the load generator

To start running load tests with Flood Agent, you must first prepare the load generator.

On Windows we support JMeter and Gatling, either by adding a Flood plugin to your existing installation, or by using one of our pre-built bundles.

For detailed instructions, take a look at Getting Started - Local JMeter & Gatling

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