Configuring Flood Element

Setting up and using Flood Element with Flood Agent


Please refer to the dedicated Flood Element site to ensure you have installed the latest CLI version successfully. Full installation instructions are available here:

Using Element with Docker

One of the easiest ways to use Flood Element with Flood Agent is to simply setup Docker on your machine designated as the Flood Agent. Flood Agent will automatically detect if the Docker daemon is installed and running and will download the same Docker image used when running on Flood.

Once the Docker daemon is running - simply start the Flood Agent and during its startup routine - it will verify that the official Element Docker images can be used.

Simply add the following to your Agent's config.yaml file to use the Docker image of Element in your tests.

  flood-element: true

Using your local Element installation

If you have installed the Element CLI on the designated Flood Agent machine then this can alternatively be used with Flood Agent directly.

Simply add the following into your Agent's config.yaml file and this will enable you to run your local Element installation when running on Flood.

    command_line: ['element', 'agent', 'start']

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